Wild Bill

This is a super secret course with limited seating.

Hello my name is Micheal Franco and I'm the owner of pick4profit.com, I have been reselling for over 20 years full time and I truly thought I knew about all the niches to making money with used merchandise, especially from thrift stores. Well the truth is I didn't, you see I ran into a gentleman named Wild Bill while I was selling stuff on the side of the road and he changed the way I think about thrifting forever. Bill allowed me access to his home where I was able to see his operation as a reseller, it was clear to me he was doing this for awhile but what caught my attention was items that I would have never attempted to look at or every thought about reselling. Well the rest is history and we are here right now to let you in this private members only club. We don't want crybabies, we don't want drama, we WANT TO HELP YOU MAKE MONEY with this EXPLOSIVE NICHE.

I can't go into great detail on this niche but let me tell you some facts, nobody online (youtube, facebook, etc) has talked about this. Trust us, we looked and there is ZERO information. This is the great thing because this info is kept close to the chest. This is what people do when they find success in something especially with items like these that are typically found for $2 and sell for $50. We want to personally invite you to our program, it is a game changer!

What to expect?

3 Hours of Audio and Video explaining this niche

Step by step videos on how to photograph, package, store and ship these items

Included PDF digital file with more top secret information

You will have access to our members only Facebook group where you can ask questions, share photos, etc.

We will hold Q&A's in the group where you can ask questions live to Wild Bill

You will also have access to send Wild Bill private messages and even coaching (at an additional cost, inquiry once in the group)

Once you purchase this limited opportunity please allow 24 hours for us to reply to your email with further instructions

If you answer YES to the following questions this course is for you

Do you sell on eBay?

Do you resell items from thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales?

Do you sell used items? If you don't are you interested in selling used items?

Do you have a solid work ethic and are you someone that when you see an opportunity are willing to jump on it?

Do you like buying items for under $5 and selling them for $30 at a minimum with basic items or taking $5-10 into $100 or more?

Do you have room in your home to store items as this inventory takes time to sell, even though some items sell within 24 hours?

**Please note that we can't disclose the nature of this specific niche in this course due to ruining a market. With that being said if you decide to purchase this course and are already selling these items and want a refund we are more than happy to do so. All we ask is a link to your ebay store showing you have sold more than 20 of these items in the past 60 days. If you haven't sold 20 of these items you will NOT be refunded.**

Get started now and lets see what we do TODAY!

Wild Bill's Video Course $149.95 

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