I started the Morning Cup of Joe reselling show back on December 4, 2012 as a way to teach people how they can make money by selling online. MCOJ was one of the first LIVE Reselling shows on Youtube and it allowed me to spend time with my audience by answering questions LIVE. I have received so many comments and messages from thousands of people on how these shows helped their business. I'm truly blessed that my blabbing and long winded subjects are helpful to others and that even in 2016 people still watch them because they are filled with nuggets of information. One of the main reasons I started the show was that nothing like this existed at the time and it is a great way to keep you occupied while listing your items online. At the end of the day it is what got me my start on Youtube and it helped build the community we have today!

Thank all of you that have spent time watching and listening to these shows, it means a lot to me that the information is still relevant. Happy Hunting!

**New episodes are coming soon**

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8 thoughts on “MCOJ

  1. Wesley Wedin

    Great idea for a weekly show I really like hearing you guys working together and answering questions together. I know it’s been awhile since we last did a hangout and just hearing how happy you both sound in the new place makes me want to work more with my wife going forward in the future.

    Thanks Mike for all the info you put out and being just a phone call away I try not to bug ya but having that access is a nice relief at some point I will need to a phone a friend lol Peace!


    • globalvoodoo Post author

      Thanks Wes, we loved doing the show, we have a passion for making money and reaching our dreams and we decided to share this with others through this weekly radio show. If you ever need anything I’m here to help. Thanks for the support.

  2. Peter Gustas

    Mike I want to thank you for reaching out to me when I first decided to try out your Pick4Profit I have been truly since I was 16 years old(22 now) always looking for ways to buy for less and sell for more.In my 7 years of trying and failing time after time weather it was the person telling me i could make money doing it for only $99, $200, etc and then just scamming me or just not being taught right. After being let down time after time I started to lose faith and my parents and family would see me time after time tell them “Im going to make money buying this selling this” they started to lose faith and think oh hes just doing another let down or oh its not possible for you to do this. I know I haven’t made any profit yet from the pick4profit yet but to me the information in this course have paid for itself 1000x. I just really want to thank you for taking the time to help me as well as other members. I am sorry to ask you so many question its all just kind of hitting me all head on. I know that this is not going to be easy work whatsoever but I cant wait to get experience in and then someday help out someone like you have helped me out.

    Peter G.

    • globalvoodoo Post author

      Hey Peter, I’m here for you and anyone else that is a member of pick4profit. You are right nothing is easy but if you focus your time and manage your money you can create great success. I appreciate you taking the time to write this message I truly appreciate it and as we move forward I can’t wait to here how your experience selling online will be (you have the drive to get this done!).I’m here to help out any way I can.

  3. Jack Carter

    Lol, yep, I returned a few items today, as a matter of fact. I returned items to Target, Walmart, AND Kroger! I know that sounds bad, but it was only 1 item per store. I haven’t screwed up buying multiple items yet(except for those Frozen snow sled toys, Amazon got back in stock and the price collapsed), so it wasn’t too bad on me:)

    • globalvoodoo Post author

      Its all trial and error when you are looking at competitive products, it’s the risk you take to make profit. Nothing is guaranteed especially with Amazon and people that run to the bottom on a product. The great thing here is you didn’t lose money by returning those items but you did lose time. He bud, it could be worse you could return a whole 8 carts full of Justin Bieber dolls. lol

  4. Steve Brown

    Is there a way to listen to the radio show on an android phone now that you are not uploading to youtube? I listen while driving to my JOB (almost 2 hours one way). Your videos have been a great companion.Unfortunately there is little time when I am home to listen on my computer. Perhaps downloading to Itunes?
    Thanks for all you do. Hope to contribute when I can.

    • globalvoodoo Post author

      Steve, you should be able to listen to the show direct from the website on your android. If not you can download the audio and store it on your phone, ipad, iphone, etc. I’m working on right now a feature that will use this and some other things that would make it so much easier to use.

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