Clean Transactions

Clean Transactions

Thursday - September 24, 2015 - 7pm PDT

Clean Transactions "How to Sell to Pawn Shops"

Resellers Roundtable University #RRU2

Presenters: Jay Noggle & Michael Franco

  • Trifecta and Your Out
  • Reasons why you would sell to Pawn Shops
  • Fast Cash, Immediate turn around
  • 30 Items to Sell to Pawn Shops
  • Sourcing Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, Flea Markets and more.
  • Local Money Mindset
  • Creating your local buy list.
  • Networking locally
  • Building your brand "Free WordPress Site"
  • Bonus Content: ebook

Everybody knows how to sell online but not everyone knows how to sell to pawn shops. This webinar will go over the basics to get you started selling to pawn shops using our fundamental clean transaction process. This information has never been discussed publicly and is a Reseller Roundtable University exclusive. The implementation of this information will allow you to make money tomorrow! Its time to put your skills in making money to the next level.

Price: $29.99

*Includes ebook which will be delivered upon release*


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