$10 Challenge Episode #4

$10 Challenge Episode #4

Just a quick video I shot in the desert after picking up some nice finds at the Thrift Store. Stuff is starting to heat up and the most important thing for me to do is keep listing and marking down pricing. I roughly have $2 left in my picking fund so I'm pretty tapped on buying inventory. I currently have 45 items for sale except 22 are the photos I show in this video which I will be listing today. My Amazon FBA shipment hasn't made it to the warehouse yet and when it does I'm hoping that my stuff gets checked in and goes Pending!!! Since my last video I haven't sold anything yet but  I have some items at auction and some watchers, so stuff should start popping any day now. Wish Me Luck!

Remaining Stock


  • Pendleton Lobo Shirt: Listed for $35.88 – 0 Watchers
  • Goodyear jacket: Listed for $145.88 – 1 Watchers
  • Affliction Bamboo Tee: Listed for $63.88 – 1 Watchers (no sale on 3 day auction)
  • Game of Thrones Tee: Listed for $13.88 – 0 Watchers (no sale on 3 day auction)
  • Paul James Sweater: Listed for $68.88 – 2 Watchers
  • CC Filson Shirt: On auction with a bid
  • Plains Western Wear Denim Shirt: Listed for 23.88  – 0 Watchers(no sale on 3 day auction)
  • Pendleton Sweater: Listed for $55.88 – 3 Watchers (no sale on 3 day auction)
  • Robert Graham Dancing Shirt: Listed for $75.88 – 1 watcher (no sale on 3 day auction)
  • Canali Linen Shirt: Listed for $38.88 – 0 Watchers (no sale on 3 day auction)
  • 22 Boy Scout Photos - I need to list this.
  • Luciano Moresco Shirt: On auction
  • Pendleton Grey Wool Shirt: On auction
  • Pandhandle Slim: On Auction
  • Ralph Lauren Rabbit Hair Sweater: On Auction
  • Ralph Lauren Rugby Shirt: On Auction
  • Under Armour Hawkeyes Hoodie: On Auction
  • Territory Ahead Shirt: On Auction

**Prices above include shipping and or buy it now/best offer for 30 days on eBay (unless noted)**


  • Thomas the Train – James and the Flying Kipper: $22.11
  • Encyclopedia of Early American Sewing Machines Book: $159.99
  • Elk Hunting 301 Book: $16.88
  • Cowboy Up Wymoming’s Championship Basketball Book: $13.25
  • Selecting and Milling Wood Book: $13.88
  • Star Wars Lego 9525: $68.99

**As of 10/21/14 – The above Amazon order is on its way to the fulfillment center**


  • $10 to $97.53
  • 45 Items in stock
  • 6 Items Sold
  • $17.51 Sent to Savings (shooting for 20% Savings after selling an item)
  • Picking Fund: $2.57

**My $10 to Dollar amount is based on profit, not total selling price.**

Stay tuned for Episode #5

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