$10 Challenge Episode #1

$10 Challenge Episode #1

If you have been following me for awhile I started a $6 BUCK CHALLENGE on youtube back in the day and it was all about seeing how far and how much money I can make starting with $6. Well I got discouraged and stopped making those videos so I decided to get my butt in gear and start over with this $10 CHALLENGE. I'm going to start with $10 and see just how much money I can make flipping that money by reselling items online via eBay and Amazon. At this time I don't have a set number or goal in mind but as I move forward with this I'm sure I can come up with something.

This video was made a couple weeks ago so I did end up selling an item which I talk about down below. Let's check out the stats below to see my progress.


Ralph Lauren Purple Label Linen Shirt

Listed for $48.88 - Took a Best offer within 24 hours for $25.55

After eBay, Paypal and shipping fee's I received $19.53

**Typically I would have countered and asked for more but I wanted to get the ball rolling with this one**

Remaining Stock

  • Joe Cool Biker Tee: Listed for $16.88 - 2 Watchers
  • North Face Zip Up Sweatshirt: Listed  for $55.88 - 3 Watchers
  • Pendleton Lobo Shirt: Listed for $35.88 - Zero Watchers
  • Goodyear jacket: Listed for $145.88 - 3 Watchers

**Prices above include shipping**


  • $7.45 to $19.53
  • 4 Items in stock
  • $2.55 still to spend out of the original $10
  • $1.91 Sent to Savings (shooting for 20% Savings after selling an item)
  • Picking Fund: $7.62 (Not included the original $2.55)

Stay tuned for Episode #2.

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