Take Steps to Grow Your Business

In this quick video I discuss how important it is to grow your business. I learned this early in the game as I started to branch out and try other things rather than just selling on eBay. Creating a website to sell my own products was a major accomplishment that I wanted to do and even though it took time, looking back it was one of the best things I did. As you start to sell more and more online you should be increasing your profits and getting better selling items online. I'm always investing percentages of my profits into other things, such as finding private label items to sell on amazon, creating niche websites, sourcing new product that are currently not online, etc.

I really wanted to make this video to encourage others to do the same and think outside the box. Even though eBay & Amazon are great platforms, you should always think of your future down the road. If you are not setting these types of goals, I would strongly recommend that you start something soon to get the ball rolling.

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