How to Sell on Amazon FBA – Step by Step Tutorial


In this video I show you how to sell on Amazon FBA by walking you through the whole process. As an Amazon FBA seller I can tell you that taking the leep to selling on Amazon is not as difficult as it might sound, especially if you are use to selling on eBay. Its just a different way of listing. Since I started selling on Amazon FBA, I have freed up my time to work on sourcing more products and developing my other niches. When a company like Amazon offers to deal with your customers and handle the shipping, I'm in 100%. Once you get through your first shipment  with Amazon the rest is a breeze, but most importantly you will get that satisfaction of all those emails you will be getting stating "Amazon has shipped your item". I can stress enough to everyone that Amazon FBA is truly one of the best things to happen to online selling since eBay first started. The big advantage is the PRIME members, me being a Prime member as well and living in the middle of the desert has so many advantages. The most important one is everything arrives within 1-2 days, customers love that and I love that. So give it a try today if you haven't sold on Amazon FBA, I can assure you once you get your feet wet, you will be hooked. Happy Hunting.

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