How to Sell on Amazon FBA with the Amazon Seller App Scanning Tool


In this video I show you what app I use to scan items to find out if they are worth buying to make a profit on Amazon. Not only does this app scan and provide you with all the information such as how many sellers are on the item, the sales rank and if amazon themselves are selling. You can beat this app especially since its Free, it is available right now for iphone and droids. If you are approved to sell toys merchant fulfilled during Q4 this is a must tool to have, you can actually list your item merchant fulfilled directly in the store you are purchasing items from and if the sales rank is rolling you can sell that item before you get into the parking lot. I use this app on my iphone and this app hasn't crashed on me one time, like other apps I have used in the past. I would encourage everyone who is selling on Amazon to download this app today and give it a try. This is only the tip of the iceberg from Amazon as I think you will be pretty impressed as the updates roll out over time.

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