Holly Snapback Hat Haul to Sell on eBay!

One Heck of a Vintage Snapback Hat Haul

Aired on Youtube: January 2, 2012

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In this video I show you some incredible vintage hats that I had found while digging at an estate sale. What turned me onto this estate sale was I was searching estatesales.net and I saw a sale that was 20 minute from me that had a picture of a closet with some jackets on hangers, I noticed a Jeff Hamilton Chicago Bulls jacket, which are pretty rare so I decided to see if I can swoop it up. Well once I got the sale, I went looking around this mansion of a house for that closet and after about 5 minutes I found it. Yep! the jacket was there and in incredible shape, no price on it so I ran to the lady running the sale to find out how much she wanted for the coat and I got back the "Its a really nice coat and anything Bulls / Michael Jordan is worth money" I said great, how much - she came back with "How about $180?" - I didn't want to look stunned but in my mind I'm thinking woman you have lost your mind, so I countered back with $50 and she said "No that is too cheap". I put the coat back all depressed but I wasn't paying $180 for the coat even though they are pretty rare. After putting the coat back in the closet, I decided to go in the basement and thank god I did. The basement was a damn free for all. It was like a scene out of hoarders and there most have been 20 pickers just rummaging through bags and boxes. I didn't dive into anything because I always like to get a bigger picture for what I'm dealing with so I did a quick walk around. While I was walking around I noticed a Vintage Chicago Cubs T Shirt just thrown on the floor so I picked it up and than I spotted a Vintage Cubs Snapback hat. Now I have these 2 items I'm thinking there has got to be more down here, so I went to the man that was in charge of the basement and I asked how for the tee and hat, he told me $1. Score!!!! - I asked him if he happens to know if there are more hats and he said yes follow me. I just love that feeling when a seller says yeah I have more (my heart starts racing) so he takes me over to 2 garbage bags and says these are all full of hats. I took a peak into one and after spotting vintage snaps, I said how much for all. He said $15. I said SOLD!

Yes I know the beginning of the video is goofy but hey it was my happy dance lol. If you notice in the video you will see rat poison falling from some of the hats. I guess the basement had a huge rat problem and the owner didn't want the hats to get ruined so he tossed in rat poison in the bags. I didn't really notice this until I was making the video.  I made a killing off these hats but even back 2 years ago a lot of the Chicago Bulls hats where bringing top dollar, now the market is a little soft for snapback hats but if you find the rights ones there are buyers that will pay a premium for them.

At 2:32 in the video you hear me say to my daughter Maddie "Pause" that is when I noticed the rat poison. lol At 3:12 you can see the poison fall from the hats.. Good times..lol The last hat I showed was a Pendleton and I sold that for $135 after I restored it and listed it on eBay.


I included pictures below of what to look for when it comes to Jeff Hamilton jackets, the market has changed some as they use to bring up to $1000 each if you found the nicer Chicago Bulls ones but this is something you don't want to overlook when you go out hunting.

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