How to Make Money with Magazines & Newspapers


How to Make Money with Old Magazines & Newspapers - Date Aired: December 6, 2011

In this video I focus on how you can make money with vintage magazines and books. For years I have been selling printed advertising online, antique booths and flea markets and even though it is very niche you can make some great money. I tend to find lots of these magazines at Thrift Stores,  Garage Sales, Flea Markets & Estate Sales and usually I can score a bunch for very cheap. I tend to pay $0.10 each or up to a $1 if the subject matter is very good. Basically what I do is I look through these magazines for the advertising and than I will cut them out and either place them in plastic sheets to sell individually or if the subject matter is really good I will have them framed and sell them for a higher amount. Below is a list of the types of advertisements I will cut out.

Old Cars, Plains, Trains

Tobbacco, Pop, Alcohol and Food Ads

Anything Sports Related

Anything Furniture related, especially Mid Century Modern


Anything with great subject matter

The list above is just a few but there are thousands of different ads or articles to choose from and even though some of these take time to sell, there is a buyer looking for them. My overall experience with this type of stuff is if you are doing an antique booth or flea market to have these out - people will drop $5-$10 for one ad and if you have something that really stands out you can purchase 8"x10" photo frames at the dollar store and sell those for $15-$20.  You will have to excuse the sudden end to the video - I remember uploading this on youtube and it wasn't till 6 months later that the rest of the video was cut

Here are two examples of plain ads I sold

Nike Michael Jordan & Spike Lee Ad I pulled out of an 1990's Chicago Newspaper.  Sold for $23 on eBay

Jordan Ad


Here is a Mid Century Modern Ad featuring a Paul McCobb chair.This sold in my antique booth for $12 - it came out of an old grocery store magazine.


Paul McCobb Ad

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