How to Identify Turquoise Jewelry

In today's video Mike sits down with Wild Bill to discuss some items that where recently found in a storage unit along with showing some of his amazing pieces. If you are new to Turquoise Jewelry Wild Bill is a wealth of knowledge and it was honor to sit down and have a chat with him.

Here are some key takeaways from today's video

  • Identifying Concho & Butterfly Belt part/pieces
  • Identifying the color of Turquoise
  • Is jewelry worth anything if it is not stamped/makers mark
  • Identifying the style of Sterling Silver Turquoise rings
  • Wild Bill's amazing Jewelry find that he sold for crazy money
  • Understanding Hallmarks
  • What is a massed produced jewelry look like
  • Identifying Zuni Native American Pieces
  • How to spot real Turquoise
  • What is stabilized Turquoise vs a Natural Stone
  • What is the matrix in the Turquoise (host, mother rock)
  • What is howlite Turquoise
  • Using a scratch test to see if Turquoise is real
  • The power of the healing stone
  • Understanding Bisbee Turquoise
  • Spotting craftsmanship vs basic cookie cutter stuff
  • What are slave bracelets
  • The difference between water web vs spider web jewelry
  • Finding turquoise at the thrift stores
  • Myths on confirming Turquoise from specific mines
  • Is Chinese Turquoise real
  • You will find the best deal on turquoise if you do this
  • What is dead pawn/old pawn

Here are some links that are helpful when it comes to Silver Turquoise Jewelry.

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List of Native American Jewelry Hallmarks 

List of Native American Jewelry Hallmarks A to Z

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Turquoise People - a great website for all things Turquoise

Happy Hunting



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