What to do with eBay Inventory that won’t sell?

It has been awhile since I have made a public post but I have been very sick since early December, in that time I have had a lot to think about and what I plan on doing for the future regarding reselling. Pick4profit has been a baby of mine that I have put a lot of time and effort into for the past 5 years and moving forward this will be the central hub for information that I will be putting out. I have notebooks filled with information that I just need to find the time to create the content but 2018 will be the year I start knocking it out. 2018 will also be an exciting year for us as we plan to dive right into a large anchor eBay store that will be a no holds bar approach, this store will be run by myself, my daughter and hunter along with future employees. 2018 will be filled with challenges but will also have big rewards. I was told by my doctor that I will be down for awhile which is a bummer but its is also giving me time to reflect and to think of the future.

Please find below the latest vlog I made that is not public on youtube and will only be available on my website along with a new project I'm running which is my Patreon page. I decided to start a Patreon page because lately I have been having some major issues with my youtube account along with some personal problems with haters and stalkers. This page is where I will be producing majority of my vlogs moving forward. These videos will be only made available to members of my patreon page. To check out my patreon page please visit the link below and sign up today to start getting access to videos (launch date is 12/29/2017) - Thanks for the support


I wish everyone nothing but success and I appreciate the support I have been given from all of you over the years, thank you and happy hunting.

BTW: I just added a new feature on my website so you can leave comments under each post. Thanks for watching and have a happy holiday season.

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