Pick4Profit Flipping BOLO’s for eBay

Its been a while since I have made a blog post on my site since I started doing the daily vlogs. I wanted to share with you some cool items I sold in the past 90 days on eBay that maybe you can put on your BOLO List / Memory Bank so if you happen to see them at a good price that you too can flip them for a profit.

Did you Flip something cool recently? Hit me up on Twitter @pick4profit and show me what you SOLD.

PAID $2 or $3 for this at the thrift and it SOLD for $50 with free shipping.

PAID $5 for these as part of a bundle at a Garage Sale and SOLD for $55

PAID NOTHING for this Vacuum as I picked it from the curb and parted it out and SOLD one part for $35

PAID $10 for these at a garage sale and SOLD them for $110.01

PAID $1 at the thrift and SOLD for $27 with missing pieces

PAID around $5-10 for a bundle of cameras at a garage sale and SOLD this for $99.01

PAID $0.50 or $1 at a garage sale and SOLD for $45

PAID $3 or $5 for this at a garage sale and SOLD $70 + Shipping

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