Things that sold on eBay within 24 hours.


One of the great reassurances as a reseller is when you buy an item and sell it within 24 hours. It gives me that feeling of accomplishment and motivation to keep repeating that process with my business. In a competitive market like eBay it is important that you are finding items that people want and not only that but at price points people are willing to pay. I hear it all the time from people that their sales are slow or nothing has sold in weeks. The reason for this at the end of the day is they are not understanding what they are selling. Now we all have items that sit around and take forever to sell but to make it in this business you need stuff selling on a daily basis. In order to accomplish this you have to find items that people want. I can't stress this enough, you have to know the pulse of what shoppers on eBay are looking for. For example if you are selling clothing you need to know the latest fashion brands and trends along with the retail prices for these items new. Then you price point them by comparing what has sold and what is currently being sold on eBay. If you are trying to sell an item lets say a mens Brooks Brothers button front blue shirt size large and you can find the exact match on ebay with 30 sellers with the lowest price being $15. You need to be competitive around that price. Pricing your item at $50 will take forever for that item to sell. Now will it sell at $50, yes it is possible but you can be waiting for an extended period of time and your money is tied up until it sells. The point I'm trying to make here is that if you are selling one off items, just list them at a price that will sell. By doing so you will see increased sales and you will be able to grow your money faster. Happy Hunting!

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