3 Items that Sold on Amazon FBA

It is October and it is that time of year to ramp up your reselling business for the Holiday sales. I wanted to take some time today to show you 3 cool items I recently sold on Amazon FBA. These items where sourced locally here in Arizona from want ads I have placed around town. I can't stress this enough about building a network in your local area to source from because you can find some amazing quality stuff that can sell for great money online if you put in the effort of searching for items. Thrift stores are great to source from but at the end of the day it is not your only option.


This was an amazing find that I picked up from a Barbie collector that was looking to liquidate her collection. I bundled it together with a bunch of other Barbie and doll related items and paid around $7 for this sealed Barbie Backyard Cookout playset from 1992. After a month or so it sold on Amazon FBA for $142.35. Not a bad flip!


I love selling toys and board games, especially the vintage ones, here is a board game I picked up from someone that called me saying they had a bunch of board games for sales. I went to their house to find they had a lot of sealed games that where never opened. Which by the way is amazing to me that people buy items like board games and never use them. Anyway, I paid $5 each for a bunch of games and I sold this Wreckage game on Amazon FBA for $30.46.



The last item I'm showing today was from a private pick from a local retired firefighter that was looking to sell his inventory of books because he was downsizing and the books needed to go. I scored a lot of great books about 200 for around $100 total. Here is one of the books that sold in used condition a Pharmacology of Chinese Herbs on Amazon FBA for $23.25.

Reselling has been my full time income for over 17 years and I'm always finding new items out in the wild to flip for profit. One of the reasons I'm able to keep the lights on in the house is by simply working everyday and trying to maximize my time while making as much money as possible with out spending a ton of money. Sourcing locally for items is a constant part of my business and if all goes well in the future I have big plans to ramp up my business for 2017. With hard work and dedication anything is possible! Happy Hunting!


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