Facebook Ninja Strikes Again!

It was Sunday morning and I was having my coffee, deciding what I was going to do for the day. I was browsing ads in my local Buy Sell Trade Facebook Group and stumbled across this listing:

Facebook Post

What caught my eyes was video games!!!! I started to look at the comments and 2 other people were asking if the games were available, but the person posting never replied. This is when I slapped on some sandals and took off in the van to see if the games were still there. Now the post was 28 minutes old when I stumbled by it, so I figured, "hey, I need to head to Home Depot in town to get some stuff for my backyard so, worse case scenario, if the games are gone I can still run an errand or two."

As I turned onto the street, I realized there were no garage sale signs anywhere. This was a great sign because the only people that knew of the sale were the people that saw the post on Facebook. As I approached the front door, I looked down and I noticed this!!!!


A Nintendo 64 Grape system with box and, if that wasn't exciting enough, it had a price tag on it for $15!!! I'm stoked at this point and this is when the lady came out and I told her that I saw the ad on Facebook regarding video games. She said they are all still here, but I have no change so you will have to pay the exact amount. She handed me a box of video games and I asked, "How much are they?" She replied, "$3 each." I told her I would take the N64 for $15, but how much for the whole box of Playstation 1 games? She said, "Well, they are $3 each" and that is when I asked, "Would you take $40 total for the N64 and video games?" A second goes by and she says yes!!!!

IMG_0786As I'm getting everything together, I ask if she has anything else for sale and she pulls out a box of DVD movies. Most of these were junk, but I decided to grab this one.


Fraggle Rock! Cool - I ask how much and she says $2 - now at this point I realize she has no change so she can't break any bills. I then said, "Well, I only have tens and twenties on me" and she replied,"Go ahead and just take it!" Thanks! You gotta love FREE!

Now here was the cool part! As I was putting the DVD in the box of video games, I said, "Do you happen to have any N64 Games?" She replies, "YES, they are in the N64 box!" My hands are full at the moment, but the suspense of what games are in the 64 system box is killing me!

I drive over to a parking lot and jumped out of my van with that feeling of oh man this is going to be fun. As I open the box,this is what I see:


Sweet! Games and a standard gray N64 controller. I hold my breath as I pull the bag and controller out.


System is complete, but what are these games in the bag?


Not too bad. Common game, but a good valuable lot. I'm stoked - $15 for a boxed system and 10 games! This is why I'm always hunting for items on local Facebook. You truly never know when an opportunity like this will present itself. For a total of $40 for everything, I'm going to do very well! Now most people would have waited until the person replied back on Facebook that the games are available before they jumped in the car to head over there, but I'm not here to mess around. When I see/read/hear games, I'm like a ninja and I will take a chance on the games still being available. This was just one of those times I was at the right place at the right time! If you are not fishing on your local Facebook for deals, you are truly missing out on opportunities. Happy Hunting!

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