10x Your Money At Goodwill

10x Your Money Sourcing from Goodwill

Music Courtesty of J. Shaw

It is the middle of monsoon season here in Arizona and that means it is HOT! I haven't been hitting up much of the thrift stores in my area because I have been focusing my time on my hoard piles, sniping items online, and buying storage units. I had to run into town to grab some grub for the family, so I decided to hit up the Goodwill off Florence Avenue in Casa Grande. This was probably the 2nd time I have hit up a thrift store in 90 days! Crazy, right? The reason for this is I have a back log of inventory (ebay, etsy, etc) that I need to get rid of before I start buying more junk. My game plan at Goodwill was to find items I can send into Amazon FBA since this time of year I really like to stock my store in preparation for Quarter 4.

When I walked into the store, I realized they must have just had a sale becuase the store was well picked over besides new Walmart open box returns. Goodwill for some reason thinks they can get more money for these opened/damaged/returns than Walmart, but after I scanned a couple of items, I realized I was wasting my time. I decided to hit up the shelf of books which was at the front of the store and after scanning 11 books, there was nothing I was going to find for profit. I moved onto VHS tapes, which I just love selling because they are easy to test, ship, and over time they do sell. VHS were pretty slim here, but for $0.25 you can't beat the price, so I grabbed a few. I also picked up some DVD's, no biggies but they should sell over time. 10 minutes had gone by at this point and I decided to do a walk around. This is when I found The Who snapback hat. I approached the back of the store and they were bringing out some bins, that is when I picked up the tool charger and the 3D Blu Ray player.

After 20 minutes I was in my car blasting the AC as it was 112 degrees and the Arizona heat during this time of  year can really knock you down a level. Overall, I spent $30.50 and if everything sold tomorrow, I should get $300 give or take. Again, some of these items will take time to sell, but I have no problem waiting it out. Happy Hunting!

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