$100k a Year Sniping eBay to Sell on Amazon FBA

How to Make $1ook a Year Sniping eBay to Sell on Amazon FBA

In today's video I talk about how I profit over $100k a year from just sniping products on eBay to sell on Amazon FBA. About 14 years ago I was asking the question to myself of how are people finding items to sell online and while I was doing research I stumbled across a concept that if I found items for a good bargain on eBay I could flip them back on eBay. I started testing this theory with concert t shirt and toys. I remember buying a Stevie Nicks shirt on auction from 1988 for $25 on auction and this was going to be my beta test. I received the item in the mail, photographed it and listed it on eBay for $98. After 23 days it sold, I realized at that point this was how I was going to obtain items without leaving my house to incorporate this into my business.

7 years ago I decided to start trying this with Amazon and it was no different than eBay. Sniping works, it is all about finding loops in the market and sell the items for a higher profit margin than what you paid for them. This is no different than the arbitrage method and yes you will need capital up front to start but anyone can start with very little money. As I mentioned in the video I look at reselling like investing in the stock market, the difference is with reselling you can get a higher ROI in a shorter period of time on items unless you are looking at long tail items such as concert t shirts, which I have had some take 5 years to sell.

Since 2010 I have a daily budget of x amount that I spend for sniping to make a certain ROI. Some days I can reach higher ROI's and some days I settle for 3 times my money. Either or I'm making educated decisions on a daily basis to grow my business. Those decisions are based on: How long will it take to sell?, Is there enough profit for me to make the purchase when I flip the item? How much competition is on this particular item? and Can I afford to buy this item if it takes longer than 30 days to sell?

Reselling isn't a complicated business if you know what you are doing and you have a well thought out game plan to execute!

Let's look at some simple math here....

If you spend $79 a day to get a return of $270 after all expenses and you repeated this process everyday you will easily get to $98k in profit over the course of the year. There will be some ups and downs along the way with items not selling in a timely manner, returns and competition lowering the price points to get the buy box but that is a very small percentage of the overall picture. All of this is possible if you understand this method and take action to find items that will sell. Millions of products a day sell online with so many small and big niches. It is all about finding the ROI, finding the deal and flipping those items in a timely manner. Most resellers don't have $28k a year to invest in this type of business model but that doesn't mean you can't use it. I mention this over and over again about creating a picking fund and savings fun so you can live a financially free lifestyle but at the end of the day nobody is going to hand you anything! This is a business, this is your job, take steps now to secure your freedom! Happy Hunting!

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