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Review of the ProCare Disc Cleaner and Re Conditioner Kit

As an online seller I'm always selling media items such as DVDs, CDs and video games. For years this niche has made me some great money on Amazon FBA, eBay, locally and as of recent Mercari. This type of media is so abundant that it can be found anywhere from thrift shops to garage sales. Now I personally test all media I get before I sell any of it to anyone. I do a quick playback to ensure it is loading and working correctly. It would be too time consuming to play an entire DVD so I typically just use the skip feature to ensure everything is working. From time to time I do get a return because of something I missed but that is part of the game when you are selling in volume.

Today's video I wanted to make to show you a product that I have been using for over 4 months. I purchased this item on Amazon because of the reviews along with the fact that my JFJ Easy Pro at the time broke down on me. So I needed a way to get my discs resurfaced and I thought I would give this a go. First off as I mentioned in the video the higher priced machines will do a better job but for the price point and use of this machine it will get the job done on most discs.

I recently purchased a storage unit that had over 100 discs and some where good titles for me to flip online but the discs where in bad shape. Over the course of 2 days I ran 100 discs with this system and only 5 discs couldn't be saved. Not bad, that is why I wanted to share this info with all of you so you are aware of this cheaper alternative. I give this product a thumbs up for the fact that it works and the price point of under $40 compared to costly systems in today's market.

Here are some tips that have helped with using this unit:

  • This machine is not perfect, it will leave some light swirl marks at times but the discs will play fine.
  • If you are running batches of discs you only need to apply 1 drop to the yellow and blue pads
  • Really scratched discs will need 2-3 passes on all pads
  • The pads will wear fast so make sure you have spares
  • At times you will notice residue on the discs, just use a soft cloth to buff it out. You might think these are scratches but in reality they are just left over residue.

If you are interested in purchasing this unit please click the link below (Please note that this is an affiliate link so if you decided to purchase I will receive a small commission from the sale)



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