How to find Video Games?


As many of you know one of my niches is selling video games. Video games are one of the fastest selling items you can flip as a reseller. The most common questions I get asked is how do I find them? In order to keep my niche going I have many resources to finding video games by just using Facebook. Many people think buying and selling on local Facebook is a waste of time. Personally I have had great success with both but in terms of buying you have to be able to understand it is not always looking for posts that are for sale stating the exact item you are looking for. This is the power of the "JUST ASK METHOD" - I use this everywhere I go whether it is at a garage sale, estate sale, flea market, etc, no different in Facebook land.

In today's video you will see what happens to me when I hit up a garage sale too late in the day and the result of what happens. With a lot of people hustling the garage sales you have to be on your game and get to the sale early. If not you will experience what I did in this video.

I also show you my "JUST ASK METHOD" in real time along with the results I received from start to finish. This can easily be applied to your business by just spending some time in your local Facebook buy sell trade group. I have talked about in the past about how thrift stores are becoming very competitive along with high pricing and why I don't rely on them. I still source the thrifts but I have found that sourcing locally and sniping online is the best approach for my business.

The point of this video is to show you 2 examples of sourcing video games with mixed results. The Facebook hustle wins because you are not dealing with any competition, you are basically fishing Facebook for products that you can flip for a profit. The basic concept works, try it out today for yourself and I think you will find some amazing results with it. Happy Hunting!

PRO TIP: If you notice in the video I ask the women with the video games if she has anything else for sale and she said yes. I spent 20 minutes more that wasn't shown in the video buying items such as tools and furniture that I will make some good money on. The "JUST ASK METHOD" Works! Not only that we originally agreed to $60 via messaging on Facebook but when I got to her house, I tossed out $50, BAM - saved myself $10.

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