Advice for New Resellers


In today's video I talk about how important it is to map out a game plan for your reselling business. Just like every other business you have to map out what you are going to do to get from A to Z, if you aren't doing this by creating goals and working hard you are more than likely going to fail as a reseller. As a full time reseller it has been a long road for me to get to the point where I'm at now. I have worked hard every day to get closer and closer to the goals I have created for myself. Along the way I have changed up my game plan and adapted when ideas or niches failed. This is very important because a niche today can be great but tomorrow when there is no need for that niche you will have to ask yourself the hard question of should I continue on this path? This is probably one of the biggest mistakes resellers on eBay & Amazon have as they don't know when to stop buying items when the market is flooded or the demand for the items has shrunk due to competition.

The 2 big boys in the room are Amazon & eBay and the opportunities to sell on those platforms are great but you need a game plan in order to have success selling on those platforms. This is why I'm a big fan of diversification, where I sell on other platforms such as Etsy, Mercari, local and even my own websites. Now all of this will take some time as a reseller but if you can map out your day/week/month you can easily find time to put the effort into expanding. Reselling the past couple of years has exploded with new people starting every day and with that being said that means more competition. As we all know competition can be good or bad. It is how you adapt when the competition is so bad that you aren't making any money. If you are in this situation now you have to figure out something quick, sink or swim mentality but if you had a game plan in action you would know exactly what to do. Happy Hunting!

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