My 14 yr old Daughter Can Do it!


I'm so proud of my daughter, back last year she decided that she wanted to spend spring break with her friend back home in Chicago and asked us if we would help her. My wife and I told her that if she worked hard at something we would contribute, so she was talking to her friend at school who was making $50 per day selling stuff from around the house on an app called Mercari. Maddie for the next 2 months started by selling stuff she had laying around the house on Mercari and started to save all the money. At the time I had no idea what she was doing until she asked me if we could go to the thrift store. I thought this was odd as my daughter never wants to go there, that is when she told me about Mercari and I was blown away.

Long story short, after 2 months of selling some stuff from the thrift and around her room she was able to save up $750 from only Mercari to purchase her plane ticket back home to see her friend. The reason I wanted to tell this story with all of you is that when my daughter sets goals she makes every attempt to complete them. She wanted that plane ticket so bad nothing was going to stop her from accomplishing that goal. Reselling is not for everyone but if you have the right mindset, dedication, goals and a passion anything is possible. Go make it happen today!

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