The Reality of Reselling


For some time now I have been wanting to make a video like this where I discuss the reality of reselling. As a content creator I know I can get caught up in the hype of reselling by showing off finds and items that I paid pennies for and sold for hundreds but reselling is not an easy venture. At times in can be hard when things don't work out especially when you go days with out sales.

Being a public person talking about reselling I'm always trying to give insight into this business whether they are positive or negative. With so much talk these days about reselling I thought it was an appropriate time to talk about the struggle that can happen with this business. It really isn't winning the jackpot everyday but more just putting in time and effort to get items listed and sold. We all wish that we can sell items for huge amounts of profit within hours but the reality is that majority of items take some time to marinate before the right buyer comes along and makes the purchase.

I have been stressing now for years explaining to people that it is all about finding out what will work for you. It took me years of trial and error to get where I'm at now and it wasn't an easy road to travel on. For every home run I made it felt like 2 major setbacks would take place, it was all part of the business to try to find out what works for me and honestly now after 16 + years of reselling I have finally found a smooth road I'm on at the moment. That doesn't mean I will kick back and relax because I want to ensure the road I'm traveling on is a profitable one year in and year out and I will continue to put in the time, sweat and tears to make it happen!

To sum it up, you have to put in a serious amount of time and effort to make this business work for you and you will experience bumps in the road... it is all about how you deal with those bumps!

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