Bad Advice for Amazon FBA Book Sellers


I decided to make this video because I wanted to point out what I believe is bad advice with selling books online. I have heard this now on two occasions where Amazon FBA book sellers say they don't do any prep work with the books they sell on Amazon, this includes not taking off the stickers (especially the thrift store ones). At first I thought it was a joke but then I realized nobody actually stated what was wrong here. Personally for me as an Amazon FBA book seller, I take great pride in describing the condition of the books when I sell them and I would never include a sticker on a book. Even if it is a sticker from Barnes & Noble that takes up half off the book. I just find this to be a lazy seller that could careless about what the customer expects and has no pride in selling quality products.

Since I started watching videos online and reading posts on Facebook I'm seeing more and more of this lazy selling approach. These shortcuts that think people won't notice is becoming a problem. If I was to buy a coffee book from a seller and I received it with a big honking sticker on it I would leave Negative feedback. There is no excuse for this kind of stuff other than pure laziness.

As a seller I hate leaving negative for anyone because I would want someone to bring an issue to my attention first but in this case I think peeling stickers off books should be a given. Lesson learned here to have pride in your work and spend the extra time it takes to peel off stickers.


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