Easy Items to Sell For Profit


I haven't made a live video on youtube in months because my internet here is really bad, I pay over $200 a month for internet and this is the best I can get so I apologize for the quality of the video. I wanted to make this video because selling video games can be fun and profitable that anyone can do it. It is all about finding the right price points when buying at pawn shops, flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales. I have built up a good local game buying and selling video games here in Arizona so I have the added benefit of flipping systems and games locally first before I sell them online. Back when I lived in Illinois the video game hustle was difficult towards the end because so many people where doing it. I have competition here in Arizona but honestly I tend to find majority of my stuff at pawn shops that are willing to wheel and deal on the prices. Along with that I have a lot of ads throughout the towns where I I offer to buy and sell video games and this drives a good amount of business to me. As I mentioned in the video I have pawn shops here that just won't negotiate on pricing and honestly I don't even know who would pay $150 for a PS3, it is the craziness!

Towards the end of the video I share an amazing surprise video game collection that I had no idea I bought until weeks later when I looked in the bag to find out that the games where included. This is truly the stuff that gets me pumped up when making deal!

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