Resellers Roundtable LIVE #4


In this podcast we are joined by my wife Kim & Jay Noggle discussing the following information:

  • Talking with Jay on getting started with Amazon FBA
  • Work with what is around you
  • It is all Mental
  • Connecting with like minded people
  • Buylow Depot Toy Tracker advantage
  • Creating a shopping list when sourcing
  • The fear that it is not possible
  • Start a mastermind group
  • Finding your inner passion
  • Learning from other people's experiences
  • Always learning and adapting
  • Creating your Paycheck
  • Getting over your fear of starting Amazon
  • Putting yourself in a better situation financially
  • Treat this like a business
  • Investing in yourself with paid products
  • While Jay get the ball rolling with Amazon?
  • Finding your lifestyle is key
  • The American dream has changed
  • Become the master of your own destiny

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