Resellers Roundtable LIVE #1

RRL1 Shot


In our debut episode we discuss the following topics about Amazon FBA.


  • Is it worth buying Star Wars Power of the Force & Episode 1 toys?
  • Opportunities right now with Star Wars
  • Is it too late to send Amazon FBA shipments in for people buying gifts
  • Thoughts on Amazon Selling Coach notifications
  • Are vintage electronics allowed to be sold on Amazon FBA?
  • Creating new listings on Amazon FBA that Amazon is out of stock on
  • Do you promote listings on Amazon FBA
  • Amazon FBA pending orders
  • In which category on Amazon FBA has the highest ROI?
  • Selling on Amazon Canada & Mexico
  • Does Amazon accept store receipts to get ungated with groceries?
  • What products on Amazon can you start with besides books?

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