Selling Blazers for Profit on eBay

Selling Blazers for Profit on eBay

In this quick video I go over 5 recent Blazers that I sold on eBay. I sourced all of these at thrift shops for under $3 and made some good proft. Selling Blazers on eBay can be a long tail thing but as long as you have patience and have good price points your items will sell! Happy Hunting!

5 Tips to think about before purchasing blazers at the Thrift Shop

  • Inspect the item first, make sure there are no holes, rips and stains.
  • If the blazer has no mention of size you can still sell these.
  • I rarely sell the pants if I find them
  • Make sure to go after name brand items
  • Price points are key, never give in to the high prices.

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