$10 Challenge #13

$10 Challenge #13

**Please note the video stops at 25:28 minutes in and the rest is dead air.

This epside took a little time to put out, I went LIVE on Youtube to show the finds I  had and the video went over an hour so I had to edit it down. I picked up some nice stuff for a total of $137, all name brand clothing that should do pretty well online. Going out thrifting really pays off as you can see from my totals I'm over $2k in profit from an initial $10, that is amazing. I have a pretty good chunk of change now with my picking fund so I'm going after a little more brand new stuff that I source along with the typical thrift store finds. Honestly you can't beat the ROI from finding stuff at the thrifts, we are 13 episodes in and I'm doing pretty well. One of the highlights that I sold this time around was the Digibirds, I sent them in during last Q4 and the price dropped, I just waited it out and more than doubled my money by just having some patience and not chasing to the bottom. The big test for me moving forward will be the upcoming summer months as sales will start to slow down but I plan on having fast moving items along with long tail mixed in. Thanks for watching


Sima Cordless Video Light

Sold for $35.88

After eBay and paypal fee’s I received $27.00

star wars caricature

Star Wars Tee

Sold for $11.70

After eBay and paypal fee’s I received $6.00

golds gym

Golds Gym Tee

Sold for $11.70

After eBay and paypal fee’s I received $6.00


Pink Panther Tee

Sold for $9.00

After eBay and paypal fee’s I received $4.00



2002 Ozzfest Tee

Sold for $20.00

After eBay and paypal fee’s I received $12.00

vw shirt


Volkswagon shirt

Sold for $15.00

After eBay and paypal fee’s I received $8.00

conair phone


Conaire Phone

Sold for $40.00

After etsy and paypal fee’s I received $27.00

jack daniels


Jack Daniels Hat

Sold for $25.00

After etsy and paypal fee’s I received $18.00



Griffey Jr Jersey

Sold for $40.00

After etsy and paypal fee’s I received $32.00



Michael Kors Tie

Sold for $15.00

After ebay and paypal fee’s I received $9.00

rlpolo vneck


Ralph Lauren V Neck

Sold for $15.00

After ebay and paypal fee’s I received $9.00



Wolfenstein pc game

Sold for $7.00

After amazon and paypal fee’s I received $3.00



Wiggles vhs

Sold for $6.00

After amazon and paypal fee’s I received $2.00



Milling Wood Book

Sold for $9.00

After amazon and paypal fee’s I received $4.00



Digibirds x2

Sold for $27.00 (x2 $54)

After amazon and paypal fee’s I received $20.00 (x2 $40)



Office 2003 software

Sold for $48.00

After amazon and paypal fee’s I received $38.00



Sewing Book

Sold for $10.00

After amazon and paypal fee’s I received $5.00



  • Goodyear jacket
  • Game of Thrones Tee
  • Plains Western Wear Denim Shirt
  • 22 Boy Scout Photos – listed individually
  • Garmin Nuvi: I need to test and get a power cord*
  • Vintage Tiger Tee
  • Clearwater Beach Tee
  • Harley Dakota Tank Top
  • Harley Otooles Tee
  • Batman Hat
  • Ermengildo Zegna Red Tie
  • Villa Bolgheri Tie
  • Tommy Bahama L/S Green
  • Tommy Bahama L/S Blue
  • Ohio State Tee
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd Tee
  • Ferrari White Tee
  • Slipknot Shirt
  • Matchbox Twenty L/S Shirt
  • Nike Sport Grey Tee
  • George Barris Tee
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Tee
  • Batman Black Logo Tee
  • Boxing Cotto Tee
  • Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Tee
  • 122 Degree in Arizona Tee
  • Vince Gill Tee
  • ASU Disney Tee
  • Armani Grey Shirt
  • Harley Davidson Grey Georgia Tee
  • 80s Dog Blue 50/50 Tee
  • Hulk Black Tee
  • LMFAO Tee
  • 1995 Suns Grey Tee
  • 1977 Led Zeppelin Tee
  • Wrangler Tie Dye Blue Tee
  • Ziidjian Hat
  • Lands End Rugby Shirt
  • Vintage Xavier Sweater
  • Zegna Blazer
  • Hickey Freeman Blazer
  • Arnold Brant Blazer
  • Oxford Clothiers Blazer
  • Polo Sport Teddy Crewneck
  • Vision Street Wear Tee
  • Beastie Boys Tee
  • Public Enemy Tee (not listed)
  • Grateful Dead Hour Tee
  • Robert Graham Green Linen Shirt (Has a Rip – Not Listed)
  • San Francisco Rainbow Tee
  • Aerogarden (listed locally)
  • Sony Cassette Recorder
  • Hand Carved Tribal Wood Art
  • X15 Kodak Instant Cameras (x2)
  • Kodak Max 24 Film
  • Kodak Trim Print 940
  • Polaroid SX70 Land Camera
  • Kodak Brownie Fun Saver Camera
  • Hawkeye Instamatic 2 Camera
  • Brownie Movie Camera 8mm
  • Kodak Slide Projector (box was damaged – not listed)
  • Camel Hair Blazer (not listed – might have been damaged)
  • Nike Role Models Tee
  • Nike Iowa Hawkeye Tee
  • World Wild Life Blue Tee
  • English Laundry Blue Shirt (shirt has a stain – not listed)
  • Snap On Vintage Jacket
  • Nike Black Polyester Shirt
  • Backstreet Boys Tee
  • USS George Philip Tee
  • Nike Pullover Black Windbreaker
  • Reebok Cleveland Browns Tee
  • Vintage Brown Western Shirt
  • Los Angeles Raiders Marcus Allen Tee
  • Pioneer Wear Wool Vintage Jacket
  • Pendleton Blue Sweater
  • Tom James Blazer
  • Insanity Workout (not listed yet)
  • Cleveland Browns Starter Hat
  • Churchs Black Dress Shoes (not listed – need to be cleaned)
  • Gray Air Jordan Shoes (not  listed yet – need to be cleaned)
  • Car Stereo Dashkit
  • Avocado Salt & Pepper Shakers
  • Starbucks Phoenix Coffee Mug (keeping for the moment)
  • Seahawks Corduroy Snapback (needs to be cleaned)
  • Milk Dudes Snapback Hat (needs to be cleaned)
  • Chicago Bulls Sports Specialites Hat (needs to be cleaned)
  • Universal Studios Hat
  • Metro Goldwyn Mayer Tee
  • Nike Blue Tag Gray Windbreaker
  • Levis Chambray Work Shirt
  • White Nike track Jacket * (need to wash)
  • 1984 Yes Concert Tee
  • Ralph Lauren 1/4 zip blue sweater
  • Ralph Lauren Yellow Polo Shirt
  • Ralph Lauren Blue Striped Polo Shirt
  • Titleist Blue Sweater (has a stain – not listed)
  • Michael Kors Jacket
  • Ralph Lauren Wool Red Striped Tie
  • Paulo Gucci tie
  • Ralph Lauren Gold Geo Tie
  • Ralph Lauren Maroon Geo Tie
  • Tommy Bahama Grey Orange Shirt
  • Tommy Bahama Green Shirt (not listed has a tear)
  • Tommy Baham Black Pineapple Shirt
  • Tommy Bahama Vintage Classic Shirt
  • Tommy Bahama Black Blue Shirt (Sold but is being returned)
  • Tommy Bahama Blue Striped Shirt
  • Tony Lama Boots
  • Thomas The Train Giant Set (not listed yet – need to see if its complete)
  • Brooks Brothers Tie
  • Georgio Armanie Tie (Black)
  • Yves Saint Laurent (Maroon)
  • Pendleton Scarf
  • 1988 Buffalo Bills Crewneck
  • Pendlton Tartan Green Black Shirt
  • Under Armour Windbreaker
  • Wrangler Sanforized Shirt
  • Paradise Found (black) Shirt
  • Coyotes Jersey
  • Nat Nast Black Pullover
  • Nutmeg Bulls Crewneck
  • Territory Ahead (brown)
  • Territory Ahead (aqua)
  • Territory Ahead (navy)
  • Territory Ahead (striped)
  • Territory Ahead (Blue Geo)
  • Disney Resorts Tropical Shirt
  • Robert Graham (Brown)
  • Cinch Orange Shirt
  • Diesel Shirt (2xl)
  • Ralph Lauren Yarmouth (black check)
  • Boston Celtics Vtg Tee
  • Adidas Orange Tee
  • New York Yankees Vtg Tee
  • Military Belt & Holster
  • Dr Marten Boots
  • Yellow Rotary Phone
  • 2 Elvis Photos
  • Lego Technics ( I need to build)
  • Zegna Pink Tie
  • Brooks Brothers 346 blue tie
  • Tongue Tied Geo Tie
  • Yves Saint Laurent Geo Tie
  • Ralph Lauren baby blue linen tie
  • Zegna Blue Tie
  • Brooks Brothers red stripe tie
  • Armani black geo tie
  • J Garcia Black Red tie
  • Yves Saint Laurent Solid Red tie
  • Ralph Lauren Polo Green Purple Tie
  • Brooks Brothers Green Paisley Tie
  • Fasoon Tie NWT
  • Haines & Bonner Green Tie
  • Tommy Hilfiger Monkey Tie
  • Yves Saint Laurent Dot Purple tie
  • Hugo Boss Purple Stripe Tie
  • City of London Pink tie
  • Hugo Boss pink rose tie
  • Allen Edmonds Belt
  • Peace Hippie Belt
  • Black Coach Belt
  • Ferragamo Belt
  • Coach Brown Belt
  • Polaroid One Step Camera
  • Logitech Harmoney Remotes (x2)
  • Chicago Cubs gray snapback hat
  • Cole Haan shoes
  • Allen Edmonds Brown shoes
  • Nike USC Trojans Shirt *has a stain, need to clean*
  • Nike Fit Dry Green pullover
  • Burberry Blue Blazer
  • Journey Trunk ltd tee
  • North Face full zip
  • Lauren Ralph Lauren Brown Corduroy Blazer
  • Reyn Spooner Red Hawaiian shirt
  • Brooks Brothers Blazer
  • Armani Blazer with flaw
  • Brown Affliction Tee
  • Harley Davidson Denim Vest
  • Boston Bruins vtg tee
  • 1991 Chicago Bulls Red tee
  • Black Chicago Bulls vtg tee
  • Eddie Bauer patchworks shirt
  • Ralph Lauren Orange Striped polo shirt
  • Barefoot Paradise Hawaiian Shirt with big flaws
  • Ralph Lauren Ivory Vest
  • Michael Kors Blazer
  • Zegna Blazer
  • Lacoste blue jacket
  • Polo University Camel Hair blazer
  • Pearl Izumi Pullover
  • Brown Chaps Blazer
  • Burberrys Blue Suit & Pants with flaw

**Prices above include shipping and or auction/buy it now/best offer for 30 days on eBay (unless noted)**


  • Elk Hunting 301 Book
  • Cowboy Up Wyoming’s Championship Basketball Book
  • Leonard Bernstein CD
  • Game Cube Lord of the Rings – not listed problem with disc*
  • Cheers Season 3 DVD
  • Lego Ramsey’s Return (missing pieces) – not listed yet*
  • The Crow 2 Movie Blu Ray
  • Mandela VHS
  • Speechless VHS
  • Crystal Lewis Moore VHS
  • Disney Home for the Holidays VHS
  • Cain the Coyote VHS
  • Rich Little’s Christmas Carol VHS
  • Wii Fit Balancing Boards (x2)* (need to test – might be broken)
  • XBOX 360 Les Paul Guitar* (need to test – might be broken)
  • Pokey & Friends VHS
  • Snoopy & The Red Baron Book
  • Hydrationist Day Cream x2
  • Jim Croce CD
  • Janis Joplin CD
  • Twisted Christmas CD
  • Depeche Mode CD
  • Live CD
  • Bush CD
  • Artie Shaw CD
  • Phish CD
  • Stan Getz CD
  • TMNT Shredder & Foot Soldier
  • Sleuth VHS
  • Adams Family VHS
  • The Gift DVD
  • Playstation Hard Ball 5
  • Metroid Prime Gamecube
  • Metroid Prime w/Bonus Gamecube
  • Sweeney Todd DVD
  • PS3 South Park Game
  • Woodstock Blu Ray x2
  • Fable 3 PC Game x2
  • Prefontaine DVD
  • Lego City 60045
  • Lego Creator 31019 x2
  • Penance figure
  • X-Men Storm Figure
  • Invisible Women Figure
  • Doctor Who Amy Figure x2
  • Jubilee Figure
  • Star Wars Kanan figure
  • Batman Harley Figure
  • Star Wars Bastila figure x2
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Starlord figure
  • Gene Gray 10″ figure
  • Polaris figure
  • Monopoly Puzzle
  • Majestic DVD
  • Love Bug VHS
  • Saving Grace VHS
  • Iron Maiden VHS
  • HeroScape Game*
  • Bicycle Blackjack game

*Not yet at Amazon*


  • $10 to $2,406.93 **
  • 283 Items in stock
  • 153 Items Sold
  • $477.60 Sent to Savings (shooting for 20% Savings after selling an item)
  • Picking Fund: $1,029.72

**My $10 to Dollar amount is based on profit, not total selling price.**

Stay tuned for Episode #14

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