Selling Jackets on eBay for Profit

5 Jackets That sold on eBay

In this quick sales update video I show you 5 jackets that I sold on eBay that where sourced for under $3 each at the thrift stores. Selling jackets can be long tail to an extent but you can flip them for excellent roi. I have jackets listed in my ebay stores year round because they sell all the time, you wouldn't think people would purchase a winter jacket in the dead heat of the summer but people do. I also use the eBay global shipping program and about 30% of the jackets I sell end up going international.

If you haven't explored the jackets in the thrift store I would encourage you to look in that section everytime you go. You will be amazed at what you can find and with the technology today you can look up items on eBay's app to see if it is worth selling. Happy Hunting.

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