Making Money on Amazon FBA| 9 Items that Sold

Making Money on Amazon FBA | 9 Items that Sold

In this quick video I show you 9 items that I sold on Amazon FBA. All of these items I sourced from local retail and thrift stores for very little money. Especially the Total Transformation package, I picked this up at a local goodwill for $2.99 and once I saw it I didn't even scan it because I knew what they went for. Now this item didn't sell ASAP on Amazon but it did sell within 90 days. Not a bad flip if I may say so. I believe you shouldn't just focus on one particular item for Amazon, be diverse and look through out all the categories becuase there is plenty of opportunity to profit in everyone. Remember stay away from the competition, understand the sales rank and always look at items that are not listed on Amazon. Thanks for watching and happy hunting!

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