$10 Challenge #12

$10 Challenge Episode #12

Good go around this time for sales, I have passed over $2k in sales from my original $10 investement. I also have a good build up of savings and picking fund. As I continue on my journey you will start to see me investing more money into products with hopes of getting faster returns but steady income. I spent a total of $80 for everything in this video. The super score is the Lego Set, I started to build it and that alone is going to take me some time to get it set up. Once I do finish putting that together which I'm really hoping its all in the box, if not I will search out the parts to complete it.

I sold my first big ticket concert t shirt which was great! It was an original 1992 Nirvana shirt that I got $150 for and I was happy to see it go to a fan. As you can see it did take some time for me to sell it but I made some excellent profit by waiting it out.

In the meantime, these days I'm super busy, like beyond busy that as much as I would like to be able to answer all the emails, private messages from everyone, I just can't. Please understand this, I sell full time and answering all the comments I get from everywhere would be a full time job in itself. I'm hoping one of these days when I free up some time to go back and answer questions but I don't see this happening for awhile. I really appreciate all of you watching and following along with this series I have put together. I'm documenting this to show you that you can make money reselling and how I do it. Thanks for your time today and until next time, I'm out - PEACE!


R&G Shirt

Sold for $35.00

After eBay and paypal fee’s I received $25.00



Redskins Tee

Sold for $10.00

After eBay and paypal fee’s I received $5.00



White Sox Tee

Sold for $10.00

After eBay and paypal fee’s I received $5.00



Atlanta 1996 Tee

Sold for $10.00

After eBay and paypal fee’s I received $5.00



Eagles Snapback Hat

Sold for $35.00

After etsy and paypal fee’s I received $28.00



Sony Adapter

Sold for $35.00

After eBay and paypal fee’s I received $25.00



Dolce & Gabbana Tie

Sold for $50.00

After eBay and paypal fee’s I received $38.00



Tommy Bahama Shirt (with flaw)

Sold for $25.00

After eBay and paypal fee’s I received $15.00



1992 Nirvana Tee

Sold for $150.00

After fee’s I received $125.00



Turner & Hooch VHS

Sold for $8.88

After fee’s I received $3.00



Wii Super Smash (Game only)

Sold for $21.55

After fee’s I received $15.00



MarioKart Double Dash

Sold for $44.00

After fee’s I received $35.00



Polaroid Film 2 Pack

Sold for $85.00

After fee’s I received $68.00



Drop Dead DVD (used)

Sold for $19.88

After fee’s I received $14.00



Sudden Change Eye Cream

Sold for $8.00

After fee’s I received $4.00



Neutrogena Cream (x3)

Sold for $13.00 each ($39.00 total)

After fee’s I received $8.00 each ($24.00)


Acne Treatment (x3)

Sold for $12.00 each ($36.00 total)

After fee’s I received $7.00 each ($21.00)



Polymer Clay Book

Sold for $17.00 each

After fee’s I received $11.00



Meat Puppets DVD

Sold for $9.00 each

After fee’s I received $5.00



David Bowie CD

Sold for $11.00 each

After fee’s I received $6.00



Easy Yoga DVD

Sold for $11.00 each

After fee’s I received $6.00



Superman DVD

Sold for $6.00 each

After fee’s I received $2.00



  • Goodyear jacket
  • Game of Thrones Tee
  • Plains Western Wear Denim Shirt
  • 22 Boy Scout Photos – listed individually
  • Garmin Nuvi: I need to test and get a power cord*
  • Vintage Tiger Tee
  • Clearwater Beach Tee
  • Harley Dakota Tank Top
  • Harley Otooles Tee
  • Batman Hat
  • Ermengildo Zegna Red Tie
  • Villa Bolgheri Tie
  • Tommy Bahama L/S Green
  • Tommy Bahama L/S Blue
  • Ohio State Tee
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd Tee
  • Ferrari White Tee
  • Slipknot Shirt
  • Matchbox Twenty L/S Shirt
  • Nike Sport Grey Tee
  • George Barris Tee
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Tee
  • Batman Black Logo Tee
  • Boxing Cotto Tee
  • Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Tee
  • 122 Degree in Arizona Tee
  • Vince Gill Tee
  • ASU Disney Tee
  • Armani Grey Shirt
  • Harley Davidson Grey Georgia Tee
  • 80s Dog Blue 50/50 Tee
  • Hulk Black Tee
  • LMFAO Tee
  • 1995 Suns Grey Tee
  • 1977 Led Zeppelin Tee
  • Wrangler Tie Dye Blue Tee
  • Ziidjian Hat
  • Lands End Rugby Shirt
  • Vintage Xavier Sweater
  • Zegna Blazer
  • Hickey Freeman Blazer
  • Arnold Brant Blazer
  • Oxford Clothiers Blazer
  • Polo Sport Teddy Crewneck
  • Vision Street Wear Tee
  • Beastie Boys Tee
  • Public Enemy Tee (not listed)
  • Grateful Dead Hour Tee
  • Robert Graham Green Linen Shirt (Has a Rip – Not Listed)
  • San Francisco Rainbow Tee
  • Aerogarden (listed locally)
  • Sony Cassette Recorder
  • Hand Carved Tribal Wood Art
  • X15 Kodak Instant Cameras (x2)
  • Kodak Max 24 Film
  • Kodak Trim Print 940
  • Cordless Video Light
  • Polaroid SX70 Land Camera
  • Kodak Brownie Fun Saver Camera
  • Hawkeye Instamatic 2 Camera
  • Brownie Movie Camera 8mm
  • Kodak Slide Projector (box was damaged – not listed)
  • Camel Hair Blazer (not listed – might have been damaged)
  • Nike Role Models Tee
  • Star Wars Characters Tee
  • Golds Gym Staff Tee
  • Nike Iowa Hawkeye Tee
  • Pink Panther Tee
  • World Wild Life Blue Tee
  • English Laundry Blue Shirt (shirt has a stain – not listed)
  • Snap On Vintage Jacket
  • Nike Black Polyester Shirt
  • 2002 Ozzfest Tee
  • Backstreet Boys Tee
  • USS George Philip Tee
  • Volkswagon Shirt
  • Nike Pullover Black Windbreaker
  • Reebok Cleveland Browns Tee
  • Vintage Brown Western Shirt
  • Los Angeles Raiders Marcus Allen Tee
  • Pioneer Wear Wool Vintage Jacket
  • Pendleton Blue Sweater
  • Tom James Blazer
  • Conaire Phone
  • Insanity Workout (not listed yet)
  • Cleveland Browns Starter Hat
  • Churchs Black Dress Shoes (not listed – need to be cleaned)
  • Gray Air Jordan Shoes (not  listed yet – need to be cleaned)
  • Car Stereo Dashkit
  • Avocado Salt & Pepper Shakers
  • Starbucks Phoenix Coffee Mug (keeping for the moment)
  • Seahawks Corduroy Snapback (needs to be cleaned)
  • Jack Daniels Mesh Trucker Snapback
  • Milk Dudes Snapback Hat (needs to be cleaned)
  • Chicago Bulls Sports Specialites Hat (needs to be cleaned)
  • Universal Studios Hat
  • Metro Goldwyn Mayer Tee
  • Nike Blue Tag Gray Windbreaker
  • Seattle Mariners Denim Griffey Shirt
  • Levis Chambray Work Shirt
  • White Nike track Jacket * (need to wash)
  • 1984 Yes Concert Tee
  • Ralph Lauren 1/4 zip blue sweater
  • Ralph Lauren Yellow Polo Shirt
  • Ralph Lauren Blue Striped Polo Shirt
  • Ralph Lauren Blue V Neck Shirt
  • Titleist Blue Sweater (has a stain – not listed)
  • Michael Kors Jacket
  • Ralph Lauren Wool Red Striped Tie
  • Paulo Gucci tie
  • Ralph Lauren Gold Geo Tie
  • Ralph Lauren Maroon Geo Tie
  • Michael Kors Striped Tie
  • Tommy Bahama Grey Orange Shirt
  • Tommy Bahama Green Shirt (not listed has a tear)
  • Tommy Baham Black Pineapple Shirt
  • Tommy Bahama Vintage Classic Shirt
  • Tommy Bahama Black Blue Shirt (Sold but is being returned)
  • Tommy Bahama Blue Striped Shirt
  • Tony Lama Boots
  • Thomas The Train Giant Set (not listed yet – need to see if its complete)
  • Brooks Brothers Tie
  • Georgio Armanie Tie (Black)
  • Yves Saint Laurent (Maroon)
  • Pendleton Scarf
  • 1988 Buffalo Bills Crewneck
  • Pendlton Tartan Green Black Shirt
  • Under Armour Windbreaker
  • Wrangler Sanforized Shirt
  • Paradise Found (black) Shirt
  • Coyotes Jersey
  • Nat Nast Black Pullover
  • Nutmeg Bulls Crewneck
  • Territory Ahead (brown)
  • Territory Ahead (aqua)
  • Territory Ahead (navy)
  • Territory Ahead (striped)
  • Territory Ahead (Blue Geo)
  • Disney Resorts Tropical Shirt
  • Robert Graham (Brown)
  • Cinch Orange Shirt
  • Diesel Shirt (2xl)
  • Ralph Lauren Yarmouth (black check)
  • Boston Celtics Vtg Tee
  • Adidas Orange Tee
  • New York Yankees Vtg Tee
  • Military Belt & Holster
  • Dr Marten Boots
  • Yellow Rotary Phone
  • 2 Elvis Photos
  • Lego Technics ( I need to build)

**Prices above include shipping and or auction/buy it now/best offer for 30 days on eBay (unless noted)**


  • Encyclopedia of Early American Sewing Machines Book
  • Elk Hunting 301 Book
  • Cowboy Up Wyoming’s Championship Basketball Book
  • Selecting and Milling Wood Book
  • Leonard Bernstein CD
  • Game Cube Lord of the Rings – not listed problem with disc*
  • Cheers Season 3 DVD
  • Lego Ramsey’s Return (missing pieces) – not listed yet*
  • The Crow 2 Movie Blu Ray
  • Mandela VHS
  • Speechless VHS
  • Crystal Lewis Moore VHS
  • Disney Home for the Holidays VHS
  • Cain the Coyote VHS
  • Rich Little’s Christmas Carol VHS
  • Wolfenstein PC Game
  • Wiggles Santa VHS
  • Digi Birds
  • Wii Fit Balancing Boards (x2)* (need to test – might be broken)
  • XBOX 360 Les Paul Guitar* (need to test – might be broken)
  • Pokey & Friends VHS
  • Snoopy & The Red Baron Book
  • Hydrationist Day Cream x2
  • Jim Croce CD
  • Janis Joplin CD
  • Twisted Christmas CD
  • Depeche Mode CD
  • Live CD
  • Bush CD
  • Artie Shaw CD
  • Phish CD
  • Stan Getz CD
  • TMNT Shredder & Foot Soldier
  • Sleuth VHS
  • Adams Family VHS
  • The Gift DVD
  • Playstation Hard Ball 5
  • Office 2003 Software
  • Metroid Prime Gamecube
  • Metroid Prime w/Bonus Gamecube
  • Sweeney Todd DVD
  • PS3 South Park Game
  • Woodstock Blu Ray x2
  • Fable 3 PC Game x2
  • Prefontaine DVD
  • Lego City 60045
  • Lego Creator 31019 x2
  • Penance figure
  • X-Men Storm Figure
  • Invisible Women Figure
  • Doctor Who Amy Figure x2
  • Jubilee Figure
  • Star Wars Kanan figure
  • Batman Harley Figure
  • Star Wars Bastila figure x2
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Starlord figure
  • Gene Gray 10″ figure
  • Polaris figure
  • Monopoly Puzzle
  • Majestic DVD
  • Love Bug VHS*
  • Saving Grace VHS*
  • Iron Maiden VHS*
  • HeroScape Game*

*Not yet at Amazon*


  • $10 to $2,156.93 **
  • 245 Items in stock
  • 135 Items Sold
  • $426.00 Sent to Savings (shooting for 20% Savings after selling an item)
  • Picking Fund: $961.32

**My $10 to Dollar amount is based on profit, not total selling price.**

Stay tuned for Episode #13

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