Making Money on Etsy – Start today!

Making Money on Etsy - Start today!

In this video I talk about making money on Etsy. If you haven't looked into Etsy I would encourage you to start looking into selling on this platform today. I have been selling on Etsy for over 5 years and my business has been growing year in and year out. We all know about Amazon and eBay but if you are a reseller or someone looking to develop a product or building a niche I believe Etsy is the first place to start. Now before I continue talking about Etsy, especially to you eBay sellers that have been doing it awhile, there is traffic, sales and customers. I have built an impressive tribe of followers with my Etsy shops and it is growing every day, not only that but I have launched 4 different types of products and I can tell you first hand they have buyers. I believe Etsy is for niche products, for example hand made products, Antiques, One of a Kind, Vintage, Creative and your own private label that you can bring to an audience that is actively searching for these items. Etsy is like anything else in this life, you have to put in an effort, if you have tried Etsy in the past and gave up on it that is why it wasn't successful. You have to always list new products and promote your store with social media to engage with possible buyers. Trust me when I say this, Etsy is Reseller friendly!

Lets take the next step and I want you to open your Etsy Shop today! Happy Hunting.

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