Make Money Selling Thrift Store Clothing on eBay

Make Money Selling Thrift Store Clothing on eBay

One of the easist things to make money on eBay with is clothing, especially when you are sourcing them from thrift stores because clothing is so abundant and this is the #1 most stocked item you will find in a thrift store. Clothing has been one of my staples to online selling for over 10 years and its all about finding name brand items that people are looking for at reasonable pricing. I'm all about sourcing for the lowest price when it comes to getting clothing because the ROI's on some of this stuff can be pretty crazy. In this video I show you some clothing that I sold on eBay for profit. Now it might not seem like a ton of money but I sell in volume, I also understand the price points to the items that I pick so sending some of these brands to auction can really bring you fast cash. Now I don't sell all my clothing on auction but since I find a ton of it I need to keep my money working for me and that is why we choose to send name brand items to auction for 3 days.

These brands here you can flip fast on Auction if your items are priced right. No need to give them away is my motto, set your price to make sure its competitive but also so you are making money if only one person bids.

  • Pendleton
  • Patagonia
  • Ralph Lauren

As for t shirts I have found the best option for these is to have them on a 30 day listing. If you have been following me for some time you know one of my niches is vintage concert t shirts. I do very well selling these but I also sell recent concert t shirts whether they are from the actual concert venues or standard band tees you can find at box stores. If you are into sniping eBay there is a ton of opportunity to source all different types of products including clothing, I like looking for lots of concert tee's, believe it or not but you can find people selling these sometimes in bulk where you are paying $2 a tee shipped to your door. These are the deals I like especially when the shirts have good bands people are searching for on eBay. That is what we did with the Cheap Trick tee, we purchased a lot of 40 shirts that I paid a total of $75 including shipping and we just listed them separetly with price points to make it competitive to buyers. After we sold 4 shirts we made our money back and the rest is all gravy. If you are new to reselling I believe sourcing thrift store clothing to be a great introduction to eBay and if you manage your money right you can make some great side cash and even make this a full time job. Happy Hunting!

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