$2 to $2300 Amazing Goodwill Book Score that Sold on Amazon FBA

$2 to $2300 Amazing Goodwill Book Score that Sold on Amazon FBA

All I can say is WOW! I scored this crazy book at Goodwill back in April during a thrift store haul and at the time it had a crazy rank and no FBA Sellers so I took a chance on it. The book was in brand new condition so I sent it in to Amazon FBA and when it got checked in I realized there was another FBA seller and the price was at $2387 for the book, I said to myself what the heck, lets match it! Well months went by and like any long tail book I sell I don't pay to much attention to them because I let my repricer do all the work but I happen to check my pending orders and noticed this book sold for $2311. Now since it was pending I wasn't guaranteed the sale but it was the next day when I got the email from Amazon that it sold. My mouth dropped, this is by far the best single book I have sold to date and honsetly I'm not sure I will ever find a book that will sell for this much (crosses fingers). I wanted to take the time to make a video and a quick post on this to help motivate you to scan books, I have made really good money selling books online and this is a pure example that there are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered that have your name on it. Happy Hunting!

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