Should You Poly Bag Media Items for Amazon FBA

Should You Poly Bag Media Items for Amazon FBA

I get this question asked to me a lot and its do I poly bag my media items? Everyone has different approaches to this but I only poly bag media items if the packaging is loose and if the media can fall out or if it is a certain dollar amount. Poly bagging can take some time and if you are sending in large volumes of inventory to Amazon this can eat up a half a day or so. Its the old saying time is money and if you find yourself spending too much time on tasks that aren't making you money or that are even required you will find yourself really just wasting time. Below I have provided some of the tools I use for poly bagging.

Impulse Sealer

I use a poly tubing with my impulse sealer which I use for majority of my packaging including CD's, DVD's, VHS, Clothing, Bundles, etc. I purchase this from a local landscape company in huge rolls for about $80.

impulse sealer


Record Sleeves

record sleeves


All of these items can be purchased from Amazon or eBay. You can also visit my Tools section for direct links to the products.



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