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I get this question asked a lot so I wanted to make a video discussing my thoughts on taking photos of the items I'm selling on Amazon. As I mentioned in the video I believe I get more money from my used items when I have photographs, especially if the items are expensive or being sold as collectible. Everyone has their own approach if they decide to take the extra step when selling on Amazon by adding photos to their listings, I'm a big believer that you should. Amazon allows you up to 6 Photos and I would encourage you to use them all. When creating new listings that are not in the Amazon catalog its mandatory that you have photos that are nice clean images with close ups and multiple angles on a plain white background.

Items that I take photos of on Amazon

  • $50 or more used books
  • $50 or more used DVD / Blue Ray / VHS / Laser discs
  • $50 or more used Vinyl LP's / Cassette Tapes / CD's / SACD's
  • $20 or more used Video Games
  • $30 or more used Puzzles and Board games
  • $15 or more used Plush / Stuffed Animals
  • $20 or more used Christmas Ornaments

Below is a listing I created on Amazon, as you can the photos stand out and this is what Amazon and their buyers want. Simple, clean and straight to the point. I went outside the box and bundled these 2 flavors together and during Q4 I was the only one selling these and sold close to 50 of these before I ran out. Finding listings that don't exist is a great way for you to eliminate the competition on an item and have opportunities to make great profit. Here is an example of turning $4 into $18 (minus fee's)

CLICK HERE to see the Listing

Pringles  pringles2

Here are two examples of what you shouldn't do on Amazon FBA. These are the main images lazy sellers took when they created a listing. Take the extra steps to make your photos stand out because If I was the seller that created these listings I would be totally embarrassed if this was my work and honestly if I was a buyer I wouldn't even purchase the item. Creating eye catching photos is an art, invest in the right tools if you are starting off so you can have that competitive edge, this applies to anything you sell and on any platform.

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