How To Sell These 5 Clothing Brands on eBay

How To Sell These 5 Clothing Brands on eBay

In this video I talk about 5 clothing brands I find at thrift stores and how I sell them on eBay.

Clothing Brands

  • Brooks Brothers Golf Shirts
  • Nike T Shirts
  • Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts
  • Burberry Dress Shirts
  • Vintage Starter Shirts

**Correction: The starter shirt I showed is from the mid 90's and not 80's, my approach is still a buy it now / best offer**

Everyone has their own approach to selling clothing on eBay and I would encourage you to try to change it up from time to time by trying auctions if you are only doing Buy it Now or Best offers. I have had great success selling clothing on auction - especially name brand clothing. I find an abundance of clothing when I'm out thrifting so I look at each piece that I pick up and before I put the item in my cart I have already made up my mind on how I will be selling that item. You see as a Reseller its about cash flow, holding onto items for top dollar is fine but if you find an abundance of something doesn't it make sense to blow some of these items out for fast cash? Well for my business it makes perfect sense.

The website I mentioned in the video is Bestglobalbrands - its a great site and the information I was looking at was from 2014. Its important to understand trends and find out what the masses are doing / buying / reading / etc., this will only help you understand what buyers are looking for especially when it comes to fashion.

Brooks Brothers has an interesting background considering they are the oldest clothing manufacture. For more info on Brooks Brothers check it out on Wikipedia. If you are interested more about Brooks Brothers I have been reading this great book called "The Great Merchants" by Tom Mahoney and Leonard Sloane, it is a great book at how some of the great companies past and present (up to 1974) started and the people that made them great. Check it out on Amazon for around $5 used.


This Brooks Brothers New with Tags sold for $690 on eBay!

You have to love the brand Nike, I do! I sell this brand like I'm selling crack to junkies on the, all kidding a side though it sells great on auction if you are looking to get some fast profits but it also does well on buy it now or best offer. Don't over look Nike if the price is right, especially the vintage and anything Air Jordan, especially the shoes!


This 90's Nike Deadstock New Shirt Sold for $815.00 on eBay!

If you are a Thrift Store shopper  like myself you will see Ralph Lauren all over the place,, at least I do. I swear I can grab 50-100 just going out to a couple of thrift stores here in Arizona. Its crazy the amount I see, now I will buy them if the price is right and I can profit from them. It is like everything you sell, its all about "Price Points" and knowing how to move your item. Ralph Lauren in general sells very well on eBay, considering the pure volume of it on eBay. I have had luck selling Ralph Lauren in lots on auction and Buy it Now, I have also had great success selling rare vintage pieces on auction. Believe it or not I have gotten some prices that I would have never even thought of listing it that high on a buy it now / best offer just by putting it to auction.


This Ralph Lauren Purple Label Tuxedo sold for $3,299 on eBay!!

Burberry is not a brand I find every day but when I see it it is in the cart. A matter of fact I have very limited stock at the moment because it sells very well if you price your item right. My tip for this brand is make sure you are looking at the jackets, scarves, bags and belts at the thrift stores, if you see one snag it!


This Burberry jacket was worn by Kim Kardashian and she sold it for $2,560.55 with 40 bids on eBay. Check out her eBay Store

As I mentioned earlier regarding Starter the shirt in the video was actually from the mid 90's and I will sell the tee for $18 to $25 shipped on my niche vintage t shirt website. I have always done well with Starter, especially the pre 2000 stuff but don't overlook the crewnecks, snapback hats and the jackets, especially the satin ones. Did you know if you find new with tag Starter apparel that you can demand a premium for it? Yep, I list the stuff higher than the competition with a buy it now or best offer. It gets attention and the vintage peeps love Deadstock New Starter. Again to sum up Starter, I would suggest selling it only on buy it now or best offer.


This vintage Starter Jacket sold for $365 on eBay!

How to Spot a Fake Burberry vs a Real Burberry


In this picture the real tag is at the top and the bottom one is fake. You can see from the bottom logo the "R" has that rat tail curve - you will find fakes with the "Y" doing the same thing. The Burberry Tag should always have London underneath the name. Prior to 1998 the Burberry logo was written Burberry's (upper and lower case), that is a good tip to spot some vintage ones.

If you happen to find a Burberry item with the hang tag, the real one will be made out of cloth versus the fake made out of plastic.

Below you will see the difference between the buttons, again look at the "R".


Another dead giveaway is quality, does the embroidery look right? Is the stitching straight? Most of the time I can tell just by the feel, its that old saying "YOU can feel the quality"




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