Backordered Products can Equal Big Profit For You

As a reseller, you always want to find other ways of making money. A great example of profiting from products is to find opportunities when companies or websites are out of Stock or Back Ordered on a product. For example, there is an item on Amazon that is back ordered or out of stock completely you can  look up the item on camel, camel, camel and can see its history in terms of sales and rank. If the rank is very good, you can find the items on ebay to snipe or even other online websites. I have even scored some of these type items on craigslist to turn around and sell on Amazon for good profit. If you are a member of this site, we have great opportunity  (ALERT) on a particular companies product that is backordered and will not be in stock till mid December but more than likely January. The sales ranks on there items are under 50 on most of the items they sell.

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