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Hello and welcome to my website Pick4Profit! My name is Michael Franco and I am an entrepreneur who has been selling online since 1996 and selling full time since 2004. I sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Mercari  and 4 domain websites that I own along with selling locally. All the items I get I source from: garage sales, thrift stores, storage auctions, estate sales, retail stores, wholesale, etc. and I turn around and sell those items online for a profit. I wouldn't say I specialize in anything specific because I purchase anything I can make money on. I do find myself in niche type products like clothing, toys, and mid-century modern furniture. Before I started reselling, I owned 2 companies. One was a freight forwarding company that dealt with moving freight across the globe and the second company was a robotic company used in the stone industry. I was born and raised in Illinois where, up until my recent move to Arizona, I had 2 warehouse locations in Cary, IL - one of which was a retail store. As I get used to my new territory here in Arizona, I wouldn't be surprised to find that I open up a warehouse in the near future. Not only do I resell used items, I carry my own line of screen printed t-shirts that I personally design. I'm proud to say that after 17 years of selling t-shirts, in 2013 we finally sold over 1 million t-shirts. My passion in life is reselling and that is why I decided to start talking and educating people on how easy it is to make money as a reseller.

The purpose of this website and my Facebook groups is to educate people on how to sell online, what to look for, and how to grow their business. I have changed many lives since I started talking about reselling almost 6 years ago on Youtube. That is when I realized that I have an ability to help people whether by motivating them or by putting some extra cash in their pocket.

For more information on me, please visit the links below. Have a question or need to get a hold of me? The best way to do that is visit my Facebook page and send me a private message.

Thank You... Michael Franco AKA - GlobalVoodoo

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I started making videos on Youtube back in November of 2011.  I currently have over 30,000 subscribers and over 450 hours of information. I created a show called Morning Cup of Joe where I went live on Youtube to talk about reselling and how to make money. I had a blast interacting live with other Youtubers and the show took off! I have also had a LIVE show on Spreecast.  I had a game show called "Resellers Roundtable" where a bunch of resellers got together to figure out what an item sold for. It was a fun experience at the time and maybe I will bring it back in the future. I also created a short series called "$6 BUCK CHALLENGE" where I started with $6 and bought items from thrift stores to turn around and sell them for profit. This was to educate people on how you can start your online business with as little as $6. This was so popular, other people on Youtube joined and started to participate in the $6 BUCK Challenge. Overall, the information on this channel is a wealth of knowledge for selling on platforms like eBay, Amazon FBA, Flea Markets, Your Own Website, Social Media, etc. To visit my channel, please click the banner above and follow me by subscribing today.


Released: November 22,2011 - In this video I show you some vintage t-shirts that I picked up at thrift stores and sold on eBay. As you can see from the video, some of these shirts sold for killer profits. If you are not selling vintage t-shirts, it is something everyone should look into. You can get them cheap and the ROI is huge!!! This little score of clothing gave me a profit of $300 - all in one day selling clothing online.


 This was my first picking video I uploaded on Youtube back on Nov. 17, 2011! In the video I talk about how you can make easy money by shopping at thrift stores for items to resell on eBay. To this day, I'm still making money buying and flipping clothing on eBay and other online domains that I own.  Finding snapback hats at thrift stores and garage sales can make you some great money if you buy the right items and get them at the right price. I also talk about some t-shirts to look for, especially the Tri-Blend T-shirts (Cotton / Polyester / Rayon). These shirts still demand top dollar online, but you need to know what to look for. How do you know? Well, it's easy, just flip the tag over and you will spot the "Rayon" blend. Bam! You just found yourself a $40 or more t-shirt. When it comes to selling t-shirts online, SUBJECT MATTER sells. They all have different price points and it's up to you to understand what to price it at.

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You can find my fan Facebook page by clicking the banner above. I currently have over 4,000 likes and I post on this page frequently. I believe I was the first person to post the finds I got and what I sold them for (especially with Amazon FBA) on a public Facebook page.  If you go back to the early posts, you can learn a lot from this page in terms of what items to look for (i.e. BOLO's - Be on the Look Outs).  This site, as well, is a wealth of knowledge and I use it now to provide updates of when I'm going live along with when I upload a new video on Youtube. If you are not following the page, please do so today by hitting the like button.

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